Supply Chain Wizard, LLC is founded by Evren Ozkaya, Ph.D., building on 11+ years of experience in supply chain excellence acquired through progressively increasing responsibilities at top institutions in three complementary fields of study:

  • Academia (focusing on innovation & problem solving)
  • Consulting (focusing on strategy & impact)
  • Industry (focusing on efficiency & sustainability)

Dr. Ozkaya believes that we live in phenomenal times, where the head-spinning speed of innovation in technology meets with the exponentially-increasing availability of data at the peak of complexity & volatility, offering a tremendous opportunity for the world's business leaders to make step changes in their end-to-end operational performance, while improving the lives of billions through lower cost of goods/services with higher access/availability.

Supply Chain Wizard partners with executives to make a lasting impact in their organizations by turning the great challenges of our times into business opportunities.

Why "Supply Chain Wizard"?:

  • "Supply Chain" has a very broad & all encompassing meaning to represent the true end-to-end operations involving all the people, processes and systems that are inter-connected and function together inter-dependently.
  • "Wizard" has multiple meanings, including both "the expert" and "the helper or assistant", combination of which represent what we do for our clients.

Vision & Values

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the most trusted advisor of our clients in the field of end-to-end supply chain strategy and operations by adding significant and sustainable value to their performance; and to be the premier supply chain services company that attracts, develops and empowers highly talented people.

Our Core Values:

Our values drive our day to day decision making, our lifestyles and our priorities.

  • Quality-obsessed: We are obsessed with quality, and excellence in everything we do. This is our mindset.
  • People-centered: We hire and/or partner with highly talented people to work collaboratively on solving problems of people / cli ents, where the objective is to improve people's lives. Every decision has a human element.
  • Long-term-focused: We focus on the future possibilities, rather than past mistakes/issues or short-term plans.
  • Impact-driven: We aspire to have a positive impact in the world, and impact is how we measure success.
  • Fact-based: We base our decisions on the objective analysis that is supported with true facts, and everyone has the right and obli gation to challenge everyone else to find the truth; Everything we do should be unbiased & fair.
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