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Research shows that some of the hardest roles to fill in today's organizations are VP of Supply Chain, Director of Supply Chain and Manager of Supply Chain Projects. Average time to fill these positions can reach to more than 6 months in some cases.

Supply chain and in general operations experience is hard to find mainly due to two reasons. First, it is still a relatively new occupation with finite number of available talent. Second, the rate of strategic and operational changes in many industries creates a significant growth in demand for these skill sets.Many organizations state in their mission statement or annual reports that the people are their most critical assets. It is necessary to continue to invest in people through training programs and to invest in external talent to meet the objectives of the business on an ongoing basis.

Your Objectives:

Your department is under pressure to deliver year-end targets from internal budgets to revenue and profit targets to service levels and inventories. The number of active projects going on in parallel is increasing with senior leadership time allocated to each has been decreasing. Your key objectives are:

  • Meet the demands of your day-to-day business
  • Improve your operations through focused projects
  • Create enough bandwidth to manage project work
  • Support the ongoing major system implementations
  • Reduce workload to enable more strategic capacity

Your Issues / Challenges:

Balancing the short-term organizational priorities with that of long-term performance improvement aspirations creates a complex situation. Your challenges include:

  • No time for comprehensive capability building programs
  • Limited organizational bandwidth & budget for training
  • Difficult to remove oneself from day-to-day tasks
  • Significant time required to find the right talent for hiring

How Can We Help You?

Supply Chain Wizard is built on a strong foundation of consulting partnerships with experience and expertise spanning wide range of strategy and operational fields. We have consulting partners in over 10 countries and our clients and previous work experiences cover many Fortune 500 companies. We can provide you the best consulting services through the following service categories:

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