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Our vision is to be the most trusted advisor of our clients in the field of end-to-end supply chain strategy and operations by adding significant and sustainable value to their performance; and to be the premier supply chain services company that attracts, develops and empowers highly talented people.

Here are some of those talented people all around the globe...




Soma C.

Project Manager

Berlin, Germany

I work as Project Manager at SCW. However, based on various client projects and team set up, my role might vary as Global PM, IT PM or BA.

Why SCW?...

SCW gives you the full opportunity to leverage your existing skills and at the same time challenges you on latest projects in Pharma industry. A Project Manager who has worked in Serialization will agree to me that it is the most complex and as well as most interesting task to handle a serialization project. The approach of team delivery model from SCW helps me as an individual to work in multiple projects, learn and grow as a better person and professional day by day. SCW provides you the platform to be innovative, creative, learn and continue delivering towards the success of client.

The other wing of SCW which handles its own digital factory is extremely interesting and also offers a lot to learn and engage.

I enjoy working the team at SCW with whom we deliver multiple projects. The culture of mutual respect and knowledge share is encouraged which makes my daily life easy and meaningful.

Finding passion...

I truly believe that to enjoy work you need to match it with your goals and aspirations. When the work matches to your expectation or kind of work you want to do then it transforms into passion. I have been pharma industry from the beginning of my professional journey and I am very enthusiastic about serialization projects. I fully enjoy my projects as they fit my aspirations and goals in both short term and long term. Hence, for me it is like “live your dreams and be passionate about your work.”

Gunce D.

Quality Assurance Manager

Istanbul, Turkey

I’m responsible for the management of the SCW Quality System ensuring that all the internal and external such as client and authority requirements in the Quality system are well achieved. Whatever I do in my role is; to maintain and effective Quality system and bring high quality products before delivering to the customers.

What it’s like to work at SCW...

I had been working in global companies in pharma and the consumer sector and when I compared with my previous experiences, I can say that working at SCW is totally different than any of them. Working at SCW is like working in a town of wizards which means a unique business is (every new day) being built by the wizards; all of whom are experts in their areas. As in the meaning of “wizard”, they are not only the experts or assistants, they are bringing a high value to their job, seeing the future possibilities. So, imagine a place where all these things come together to get the work done. This is SCW.

Why I do what I do...

We are human beings, so we can get bored easily from the routine things we do. This is actually why I enjoy what I do at SCW. It is a place that focuses on continuous innovation and digitalizing every tool used internally. Minimizing the manual work from a quality perspective is minimizing human error. So what else can a quality team want?

Ivan T.

Project Manager

Berlin, Germany

I help to create a better and a safer world, in which people are at the center of all we do. Counterfeit Medicines is a real issue and a real life threat. We help to ensure that this is minimized and patients are consuming safe and real proven products that help them. In addition I help companies to challenge and to go beyond the status quo by innovating in terms of digital transformation.

What it’s like to work at SCW...

It is like surfing. Every wave is different, and catching a wave requires perseverance, a pro-learning attitude and self-innovation. And of course once at the top, it requires one to enjoy it and have passion for catching the next one.

Why I do what I do...

I enjoy logistics and supply chain, transforming and innovating by simplicity. I define innovation as making things easier and affordable for everyone. The stage at Supply Chain Wizard demands from me to do this every single day, avoiding monotony and ensuring an always evolving environment. Taking waves every single day.

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