What is going to happen after the serialization program is over depends on what you want your new technology and system to deliver. If you are only interested in compliance, this service is not a must-have. However, if you would like to enable sustainable operations after go-live, increase organizational capabilities to operate track & trace systems efficiently, reap the benefits of supply chain visibility, collaboration and insights at the most granular level of detail, then following services may be just what you need:

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Identify key ROI opportunities
  • Conduct a cost vs. benefit analysis on each ROI area
  • Calculate scenario based NPV, IRR and ROI figures
  • Build a proposal for project funding

ROI Initiatives and Value Re-Capture
  • Initiate targeted ROI initiativesĀ 
  • Manage each initiative in parallel to the program
  • Align savings targets and project objectives
  • Support full implementation & execution

Capability Building & Training
  • Design a capability building program
  • Create a detailed training plan & schedule
  • Create training content via support of experts
  • Deliver trainings & track training logs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Identify existing & relevant SOPsĀ 
  • Conduct "before vs. after" analysis workshops
  • Establish future state & requirements
  • Support updating & approval of SOP documents

Playbook Design & Implementation
  • Design a project playbook document
  • Establish project standards & methodologies
  • Codify project learnings and case studies
  • Manage playbook updates & version controlĀ 
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