You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going because you might not get there" - Yogi Berra Strategy is a long time favorite consulting buzz-word. Any project sounds better when you add the word "strategy" at the title like "go-to-market strategy", "emerging markets strategy", "operations strategy"...and so on. While these cool titles are good examples of the over-use of the term strategy, there is this fundamental value of strategy which sets the "direction" for a project, establishes the "values and guidelines" for a company, aspires and instills a "vision" for a team, or creates the "design" for a product. It is this value that is of great value to any business. Without strategy, we may end up in places that we don't want to be. 

Strategy should come first! And in operations and supply chain, it may mean a step change in performance vs. an incremental improvement. In today's world of constant change, every leader should put their "strategy hat" on, on a regular basis and explore the massive opportunities that the change brings. 

It is then we we will achieve a sustainable and significant performance improvements in today's global and complex supply networks that we are looking for.

Your Objectives:

You are in the middle of major changes. Merger & Acquisitions are taking time to settle down, major IT implementations are underway, customer service pressures are increasing and inventory continues to be a higher than target. Commercial strategy is changing, and so the operations should find a way to adjust to all these changes, while running the business at full speed. Your key objectives include:

  • Design your Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
  • Align Operations strategy to business strategy/objectives
  • Optimize portfolio of initiatives to maximize impact
  • Design the future of your supply chain to stay competitive

Your Issues / Challenges:

Fixing a car while driving it is not easy. Similar to setting new direction for your supply chain. It requires a conscious planning and synchronized execution of these plans across the whole company and its functions. It really requires a true dedication of a leader and a support structure. Your typical challenges include:

  • Limited organizational bandwidth to spare for strategy
  • Lack of available "strategic talent" in the organization
  • Increase in number of tactical / day-to-day fire drills
  • Multiple organizational initiatives taking away key resources
  • Objectives centered around next month, quarter or year

How Can We Help You?

Supply Chain Wizard is equipped with years of experience in Supply Chain and Operations Strategy Programs and Transformation Projects. We can bring the best in class strategy & execution consultants to your most challenging business problems, where both the "problem solving" and "communication" skills at all levels of the organization matter. Our team of expert consultants can partner with your organization to design your supply chain strategy, and help you implement the highest return-on-invesment initiatives, which may also include key process automation and business analytics.

Below are the key services offered under Strategy service line:

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