Talent gap is the top concern of today's executives. Unemployment rates might be high overall, however this is not the case for top talent. More needs to be done to build the capabilities of teams and individuals, so that the talent gap can be closed with both external hiring and internal capabilities building. Following services are designed to help you build capabilities with a great blend of in-class learning, case-studies and hands-on exercises and mini-projects:

Change Management 
  • Case for change, purpose & storytelling 
  • Role-modeling and change agent training
  • Estimate the benefits of change and risks of no change
  • Design incentives & objectives

Lean / Six Sigma Capability Building
  • 7 wastes of  lean management
  • Statistical process control & process design
  • Theory of Constraints and de-bottlenecking
  • Just-in-time planning and scheduling

Functional Excellence Trainings
  • Inventory & Supply Management
  • Demand Management & Forecasting
  • Distribution & Transportation Management
  • Customer Service & Order Fulfillment

Problem Solving Training
  • Structuring the problems
  • Root-cause problem solving
  • Data analysis with Excel Pivot tables

Presentation Training 
  • Executive presentations training
  • Storytelling & communications training
  • Powerpoint efficiency and effectiveness
  • Creating compelling stories with charts

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